Fruitful Thoughts

Once in our twenties we thought we would never die

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Things that help me stay present

  1. playing my piano
  2. riding my skateboard
  3. high intensity exercise
  4. pizza
  5. playing with my cat
  6. working on my garden
  7. making food for people
  8. coffee
  9. dancing
  10. dinner, walks, and movies with friends
  11. playing/doing any sport, really.
  12. HORSES

Things that keep me from staying present

  1. facebook
  2. idleness
  3. boys
  4. smoking too much
  5. trying to win affection
  6. clutter
  7. shoes with no support
  8. too much greasy, salty, fatty food
  9. music with no soul
  10. being impatient
  11. wearing pants

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Interim between winter and spring

All those years
listening to those
who had
nothing to say.

All those years
how everything
has its own voice
to make
itself heard.

All those years
how easily
you can belong
to everything
simply by listening.

And the slow
of remembering
how everything
is born from
an opposite
and miraculous

Silence and winter
has led me to that

So let this winter
of listening
be enough
for the new life
I must call my own